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joel saxeLiving Healthy With Us is the result of Joel Saxe's journey to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life by looking to the source of life–water and nourishment. Having worked for many years in the health food industry and nearly dying from nutrition-related problems, he built a health-oriented business around achieving optimal health through nutrition and clean living.

Having experienced a childhood plagued with poor health himself, he is resolute in his mission to help others avoid similar suffering. Living Healthy With Us is more than just a company offering health-related products. The true aim of our company is to change the lives of Americans by guiding them to a health-conscious lifestyle. We accomplish this radical change by first focusing on two things: pure water and healthy foods.

Our approach helps you become the healthiest person you can be in body, mind, and spirit. We’re pleased to be by your side on the journey you are taking towards optimal health and wellness.


Our mission is to end human suffering with clean water and whole food nutrition.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." ~~Hippocrates

Our Mission Statement - Everyone Is Healthy!

Our 7 Declared Values

  • Authentic communicating allows us to be real and empowered.
  • Educating and sharing healthy alternatives impacts all of our lives.
  • We all count and it’s crucial we all work together in harmony.
  • Children deserve a healthy start in life. Our future depends on it.
  • Optimal health begins with pure Air, Water and Food.
  • It’s vital to maintain and nurture a healthy environment.
  • Our thriving planet is contingent on all of us making a difference.

Change starts with taking the first step. We are here to help you, if you are committed to taking their first step in building optimal health. We are also excited to help educate and inform those who are dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. Together we can help save the communities of the world!

Remember, Our thriving planet is contingent on all of us making a difference!

Purium Pledge - Plastic Free By 2021!

purium pledgepurium pledge

New Programs

We, at Living Health With Us, consistently research companies who represent products which offer cost-effective unparalleled quality and reliability. The selected companies must be on the cutting edge of new health program developments. These are challenging times and we must focus on staying at home and remaining healthy.

We must all work together to save our precious planet and all communities at large.

Both Purium and Multipure fulfill the above stated requirements. Your membership is not only a smart investment for your health, but also represents a smart business investment.

Protect the health of your family and friends and start to build business equity revenue. We are here to help you achieve all of your goals and dreams.

Business Opportunity


You receive two benefits when you start to build your home-based business. As you treat yourself to healthy nutritional Whole Food powders and supplements ordered and delivered from your store, you receive the healthy business tax write-offs.

Fact ... in 2008 if you did not own a small business, as a corporate executive or an employee, you were flushing away approximately $8,000.00 per year on taxes. Can you imagine what your write-offs could be for 2020!

FYI- Beware when using “Office In The Home” (OIH) and follow all of he rules and regulations to properly qualify.

To Fast Track begin to document all business expenses and place them in the appropriate categories. Also, track all clients, customers, patients and vendors for any and all business ( and when selected OIH ) meetings, trainings, presentations and events. As you treat yourself to healthy safe water and nutritional Whole Food powders and supplements ordered and delivered from your store, to your door, you receive the healthy business tax write-offs it also delivers.

We are here to help you get started and your business awaits you,
So Get Excited and Start Today!


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