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athletic performance

The relationship between nutrition and athletic performance is as certain as the connection between physical training and athletic success.

Every athlete wants to deliver their best. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a high-performance competitor, you train, you work hard and you strive to be your best. You also care about quality nutrition and what you put in your body, but sometimes getting the good nutrition you need, is easier said than done. What foods can we trust, when food corporations now infuse synthetic substitutes, GMOs, chemical additives, unnatural binders and fillers, colorings, preservatives and pesticides into their product lines to increase their bottom line? Plant-based protein powders are a much better alternative to traditional whey or soy protein, due to common food sensitivities. This outrageous illustration of corporate greed is killing Americans.

athletic performance



These chemicals and additives take a toll on our bodies, which is why we need whole food. Whole food is real food. Our bodies crave and need supplements that are free of harmful ingredients and unnecessary fillers. Good nutritional vitamins and supplements are key for peak performance.

Athletic performance is an expression that is distinct from many of the broader sports science concepts, such as health, fitness, or longevity.


athletic performance athletic performance

Athletic performance describes the efforts made by an athlete to attain specific performance objectives over a period of time. The natural talent or fitness of the athlete will impact the level of performance; all athletes ultimately measure performance by their own standards. daily core bundle

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