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We, at Living Healthy With Us, are always researching products and services to help you Build Optimal Health. However, our mission is to care for all communities and in our current global pandemic we recommend the following products for emergency preparedness-

handpump large

Multipure Hand Pump

You Only Need Raw Water

  • Place raw water in a bucket
  • Use 10 drops of household bleach
  • Let it sit for 30 minutes
  • Hand pump the solution through a Multipure system (counter top unit Aqua Mini) for safe drinking water
  • Note: you may also use the Aqua Mini for your bathroom use.

    Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation Pack
    Your 30 Day Survival Kit

    Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation Bundle

    This kit includes 2 servings per day and should be supplemented with another meal. We recommend one packet per person per month.

    boost your immune system


    FACT #1   Broadcast Networks now feature national attorney firms representing clients who developed Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma after years of spraying Monsanto’s herbicide Round Up containing glyphosate, a documented carcinogen.

    FACT #2   Over 40,000 national pending Round Up litigations filed against Monsanto. As a result, The World Health Organization and The State of California have declared the main ingredient found in Round Up, glyphosate, a toxic carcinogen.

    FACT #3   A Closer Look reveals, July 2018 a local school grounds keeper after 30 years of spraying Round Up contacted Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma from the carcinogen glyphosate just 15 miles from Rossmore Residents. This landmark case settled for over 68 million dollars.

    FACT #4  BIOME MEDIC is the first product certified for Glyphosate removal by the Gold Standard Detox Project. They are a renowned third party validator that tests, verifies and fact checks companies whose products claim to remove toxins from the body.

    FACT #5   2020 Continual rise in class action lawsuits against Monsanto, the manufacturerof the weed killer Round-Up. Currently, there are over 42,000 cases involving Glyphosate. It is the active cancer causing toxic ingredient found in the herbicide Round-Up that’s sprayed on all commercial produce grown in the United States. BIOME MEDIC reduces Glyphosate.

    FACT #6   Double blind pre-clinical trials by random selection reveals BIOME MEDIC showed a 74% reduction of Glyphosate, 75% decrease of C-reactive protein (an inflammation marker) within the six week trial.


    Eat Just for the Health of It

    Are Your Food Choices Really Healthy for Your Body?

    While many countries around the world do not allow GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and other false food enhancers, the USA turns a blind eye to GMOs, which allows unhealthy food processing practices to exist. In spite of that, a growing number of us Americans, continually work at looking great, feeling healthy and softening the effects of aging. Improving lifestyles have turned back the clock 20 years on average. Greedy food processors, however, continue seizing opportunities to prey on us for profit. Let’s put an end to that!

    Aside from the heightened stress load many of us face and the resultant overeating, we still strive for perfection appearance-wise. Changing lifestyles are the foe of such goals. We rely on physicians, food companies and water sources for help, but the latter two fight the tide. We CAN fight back!

    Convenience is the Hobgoblin of Poor Health

    Even with increasing chronic illnesses and diseases, we continue to feed our minds, bodies and souls with damaging products. Convenience is often the culprit since these products are prominent on the shelves of our supermarkets. Should we be putting our trust in national chains and local markets for our food and beverages?

    People of all generations from Baby Boomers to Gen Xers recognize the value of a quality life which starts with healthy AIR, WATER, and FOOD. Yet today in America, even with all the information channels easily available, many of us continue to make poor food choices…so shame on us!

    Corporate marketing has brainwashed consumers to think larger quantities, vibrant colors and attractive packaging present the best choices. SURPRISE – the opposite is true. The bulk of fruits and vegetables can be injected with hormone stimulants and infused with unhealthy lab formulas to make food appealing. These “Frankenfoods” are fraught with zero nutritional value and in all probability are dangerous to our health!

    IS YOUR FOOD REALLY HEALTHY… or just disguised to appear that way?

    Myriad food products are jam-packed with man–made chemicals like pesticide residuals and growth hormones. Such foods are unnatural and lack the nutritional value needed by the human body.

    A Closer Look Reveals a Simple Fact.

    “Frankenfoods” are designed by food chemists and highly paid food “stylists.” The robust appearance of these beautiful large color-enhanced foods sold at bargain prices often carry zero nutritional value.

    The sad reality is that we have been eating these sweet, salty, processed foods for eight decades. During the 1950s we were introduced to the All-American TV dinner. Rather than sitting down with the family for a wholesome meal enjoying each others company, we now scarf down non-nutritional 3-course meals in front of the TV.

    Too many of us resort to convenient grocery store aisles stocked with processed foods. And how many of us drive through fast food chains for a quick hamburger and French fries. Corporate Giants operate for profit, not nutritional value. Ask yourself…are you part of the problem or the solution?

    Driven by our fast and furious lifestyles, few families share a home cooked meal at the dining room table. We have lost touch with preparing wholesome meals and sharing quality time together.

    We still wonder why after workouts at health clubs, expensive vacations and stress-releasing spa treatments, we still run the risk of chronic illnesses and new diseases discovered every day.

    Perhaps there is more to the underlying picture, like our food and beverage supply. Stop and consider why so many foods are larger, brighter and packaged to entice the spontaneous shopper?

    Avoid the Temptation, Eat Smarter and Enjoy Better Health!


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