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The Story of GMOs

Fact: Lab Produced GMOs Damage Organs, Gastrointestinal Tract and may be linked to Neuro-System Failure.


GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) is the process of taking the gene from one species and forcing it into the DNA of another species. It is not a natural way of breeding, as it’s done artificially in a laboratory. Studies done on the health effects of GMOs show that it damages organs and the gastrointestinal tract. Foods that contain non-organic soy, canola, corn, and cottonseed, are the biggest culprits. Other non-organic foods to avoid that are known to be genetically modified are papayas, rice, potatoes, tomatoes, dairy products, and peas.


Question: Should I spend an extra 49 cents to give my grandaughter a pesticide free, GMO free, Organic tomato safe from Toxic Poisons?


The Story of Glyphosate

toxic spray

To complicate this issue, genetically modified crops are typically sprayed with Monsanto’s Round-Up. Why? Because of its ability to kill ALL living organisms except those that have been genetically modified. This includes annoying weeds and insects, which make it much easier for farmers to grow their crops.

Simply put, the active ingredient in Round-Up is the herbicide, Glyphosate. This dangerous invader settles into our lower gut aka Micro Biome where 70-80% of our immune response comes from. It is nicknamed the “second brain”, as there are more neuro-transmissions that come from the microbiome than the brain itself.

NOTE: Over time, Glyphosate damages the lower gut by killing the healthy bacteria that our body needs to thrive and by crushing its micro-villi.

It is important when shopping for Whole Foods, we search for the non-GMO Project Verified logo.


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