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What a wonderful time in your life to relax, reflect and rejuvenate. This is the time in your life to spend with family and friends, plan extended vacations, complete long-awaited home projects, create your personal landscaped oasis and why…because You deserve to live your Senior Dream!

Remember, the tag line …You deserve a break today!

Never before has this phrase been more apropos. Retirement is all about you and living out your Golden Years of your dreams.

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For those of you who are still in great health, we applaud you! Our Multipure and Purium products will help you continue to live a high quality life.

For those of you who are interested in living a sustainable life, we are listening and now offer natural organic solutions for your lifestyle needs. Our product lines will help to ensure your Senior quality of life.


Kicking off your good health journey is our flagship product, Biome Medic. This product is the only one of its kind to remove Glyphosate Glyphosate page if hovered over) deposits and other toxins from your lower gut (commonly referred to as, your second brain).

Purium’s Apothecherry


The power of rest and relaxation is now represented in our Purium product, Apothecherry.This delicious 100% organic tart cherry concentrate delivers a restful nights’ sleep without chemicals or additives.

Apothecherry contains a high source of (Natural Cherry) non-synthetic melatonin.



To ease your pain, we present to you our CBD Oil.This 100% Hemp oil only carries a .04% THC factor and because of this medical practitioners are recommending it to their patients.

Purium product labels offer full disclosures of all ingredients and are natural organic, GMO free, no preservatives, fillers, colorings, or additives. Each product is field tested and quality control checked to ensure product reliability and nutritional value.

Our Purium Power Shake jumpstarts your day as a flavorful smoothie and for a meal replacement, try our Purium L.O.V. Super Meal.

Seniors, don’t spend money on bottled water anymore, when you leave home with your water bottle filled with filtered water from your own tap that will hydrate your cells throughout the day.

Whether your needs require; weight loss, increased energy levels, deeper sleep intervals, relaxation, decreased tension, lowering pain levels or just to live life to its fullest, our Multipure and Purium products will help you experience your well-deserved Senior quality of life and allow you to take the first step toward living optimal health!


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