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unhealthy sugar
Processed foods contain unhealthy processed colors, sweetners, chemcals, flavors, synthetic fillers and binders. They are stored in our cells, build up toxins and degrade our health.

Sweet-tasting carbohydrates are commonly referred to as sugar. There are multiple types of sugars and sugar impersonators. Three simple sugars called monosaccharides are glucose (dextrose), fructose, and galactose. The twentieth century introduced us to granulated table sugar aka sucrose. This sugar is a disaccharide and when used excessively is dangerous to your health.

healthy calories

Sucrose is often found in a variety of sweet prepared foods such as cakes and cookies.

The average person consumes about 53 pounds of sugar every year. According to the World Health Organization, children and adults must now reduce their sugar consumption by 10% to avoid the onset of serious diseases.


healthy food and exercise

NOTE: Excessive use of sugar may lead to the onset of the following long-term health conditions; Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Dementia, and Tooth Decay.

sugar addiction


THIS IS YOUR LIFE…plan to live it smart with less sugar consumption and remember sugar is the enemy of protein, the building blocks of the human body.

Do you really want to be caught in an endless cycle of poor health habits due to food addictions? Do you realize that many nutritionists claim that sugar is a drug and is as addictive as cocaine?

Now that you know, start eating Whole Foods, Superfoods, and Organic Greens to build and maintain you and your family’s Optimal Health! As you treat yourself to healthy safe water and nutritional Whole Food powders and supplements ordered and delivered from your store, you receive the healthy business tax write-offs it also delivers.

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